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The place you call home is the cornerstone for everything you hold dear. It’s where you build a life with your favorite people. Home is truly where your heart is. That’s why, even if you live in a rented property or apartment, you should have renters insurance—even if you think you could afford to replace lost or damaged possessions. It's coverage for the things you do own, like your guitar and boots... even your security blanket. You'll get that with renters insurance from State Farm. Agent Garrett Wietholter can roll out the welcome mat with the knowledge and wisdom to help you keep your belongings protected. Attentive care and service like this is what sets State Farm apart from the rest. When you're covered by State Farm, your rental can be home sweet home.
Renters often don’t realize that their landlord’s insurance only covers the structure. Just because you are renting a space or apartment, you still own plenty of property and personal items—such as a tablet, guitar, coffee maker, and more. All of these have value, which would be a real loss if damaged or destroyed. That's why you need renters insurance from State Farm. Why go with renters insurance from Garrett Wietholter? You need an agent who wants to help you understand your coverage options and examine your needs. With personal attention and competence, Garrett Wietholter is committed to helping you keep life going right. Don’t let the unknown about protecting your personal belongings make you unsettled! Contact State Farm Agent Garrett Wietholter today, and discover the advantages of State Farm renters insurance.

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